Express Mask Delivery and Smartr are always looking for partners like you!

Partners are resellers of our product, selling masks and hand sanitizer through retail locations, apartment and commercial buildings, our vending machines, and our Smartr app. They are also rewarded more earnings for those app sales than average promoters. (please read details in the FAQ inside the app)

Any entrepreneur, business owner, property manager, or average person should register on the Express Mask Delivery app, enter the referral code of the generous person who shared the app, customize their own referral code, and share it with friends, family, tenants, or customers for another source of income!

If you are an affiliate or partner of ours, please feel free to download our graphics and marketing content files below.

These are here for you to use with our permission. Add your own custom referral code or QR code to graphics for social media, shirts, emails, or anything you can think of! Get paid for basically doing nothing.

Anyone can share a referral code. If you have a huge network of associates, tenants, or customers, you can potentially make substantial income while helping keep others safe - and supporting an American company!

Click here for access to Express Mask Delivery graphics!!!